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WHEN to drink or eat?

Why isn’t there #1, #2 etc... on Simplicity juices so I can follow the “rules?” 

When is the last time you followed someone else’s rules to eat and drink? You're a crazy smart human who has the power to take control of your health and that's EXACTLY what we want you to do. But, what does that mean?

Tuning in and listening to what your body needs. 

It's as EASY as 1 – 2 – 3


Every day – drink 5 Simplicity juices and eat your provided snacks as needed.

Start the day (whatever time you do) with the Lean Elixir – and then drink any other juice at any time of the day you want. We know, pretty radical.

You should also be drinking AT LEAST 60oz of water every single day. You should keep doing this forever and ever amen because your body needs it to function properly. Plus, wait until you see your skin! 


Every day, if you are hungry (see, listening to your body), eat two of the Simplicity snacks that are provided.  Only eat if you are hungry. If you are full from your juices and not hungry, you don't eat.  Save your snacks for a later day. 

If you are super hungry, drink your juices, and eat your Simplicity snacks. If your tummy is still really grumbling, eat some cucumber slices, a small green salad with lemon juice on top, or grab an apple. Keep it fresh and raw, but don't sit there miserable because baby, this is about JOY!


A note on mindset:

This might be the first time you've ever done a cleanse, and even if it's your 50th time: Embrace the experience. 

Take this time to be grateful for you and your willingness to try something different.  Grateful for your journey that has lead you here - right now.  Think about what you want to learn.  What you want to take away from the experience.

Feeling sluggish or struggling with you health can make you feel defeated and hopeless. It's time to reclaim your power!  YOU are the boss of you. No one else is you. This means you're pretty damn special and you know what's best for you. Be gentle, loving, and caring to this wonderful person that is you. 

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