Honored to serve. Love, Simplicity 

I consider myself the sommelier of juicing. So whether juicing at home or buying them at stores, your juices by far exceeded my taste bud experiences. I absolutely love your unique concoctions!! Thank you! 

Girls:)!! We just wanted to thank you beyond measure for this beautiful experience!! Today is Mandy and my last day of the cleanse! We celebrated by detoxing in Shannon's wonderful yoga class today!  I cannot tell you the positive changes I feel!  In less than 2 weeks, I feel clear, have slept better than before, no headaches (and I get them,) lost weight, and POOPED! We feel so accomplished! Thank you for rooting us on during these 12 days! We feel so grateful and cannot wait to share your awesome pathway to a magical journey!

So excited and feeling INCREDIBLE after completing a 12 day cleanse with Simplicity! If you have met Beth Smith, you would know as this firecracker leaves a blaze of glory with each step. Her commitment to health goes far beyond her crave-worthy juices and Betty bars & bites. By the way, her juices are just as cool and delicious as she is! PLEASE check them out:simplicityhh.com.  Her staff is lovely, heartfelt and sincere; so much, that Carly and I will miss them. We feel so grateful to soak in their beautiful and healthful knowledge and can't wait to skip, with hearts held high, into the next phase of our own personal goals!  Simplicity has nurtured and enriched our bodies, brains, hearts and minds. We LOVE you, health magicians!

Hey Beth! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for helping my sister. She is really Rockin this whole new thing. She is loving you.Trusting you.  And very excited about what's to come and keeping a very positive attitude. I am very proud of her and I'm very very very very appreciative of what you've done for her!  thank you –

Beth...it's ALL TRUE:)! You have NO IDEA the gift you bring to the world with your juices and your love! I haven't felt that good in...I don't know how long!

I miss the juices terribly! They made me SO happy! We've had many people tell us our skin looks glowing!! We tell them thanks to Simplicity-your creation!
We have a whole load of gratitude and want to share it with everyone we know!!
Thank YOU for your positivity!! We ❤️ Beth!!

 I travel and live in Ca, this is better then all the juices in LA and there are a lot of juices in LA!

 Oh deary me!! Thank you soooo much for that beautiful welcome, hug and go-girl!! I'm walking home on the Monon and slammed some sort of delicious cake batter in a bottle!! What the world was that slice of heaven I just consumed?!! I mean...whoa damn delicious!! I feel so happy!! Thank you!! "I absolutely loved the 3 day cleanse! I feel so great that I want to do one every month!"

"i start thinking of my juice half way through class-sometimes it is what gets me to yoga class!"

Girls!!! I SLAMMED my shroom??❤️!!! Oh deary me!! De-fucking-lish!!

Oh my beeping GAWD!!! We love you so stinkin' much!! Who are you?!!! You are a healing hero, a poop praiser, a kick ass mother fucking woman!!!! Just wow! Thank you so very much for nourishing sis and I with your love, warmth, care and generosity!!!   Thank you for being such beautiful magic to and for us! We love you Beth Smith!!!

Oh my gosh!!! BEST message EVER! Beth...where did you come from?! Well we know CP...but you came to us as a gift!
What you have done for Mandy and I is truly something we will cherish forever!
We so appreciate your encouragement! It had helped us so much during this incredible journey! We feel more blessed than you can ever know!!

We are feeling GREAT! We do get a little tired from time to time...but mainly feel amazing overall!

Thank you sooooo much for sharing your light with us!! We feel it more than you know!
Damn straight! We're WOMEN this weekend!!...happiness!!
Love you so!!

Oh my holy colorful happiness?!! Thank

You for all this beautiful bounty!
I'm BEYOND HAPPY AND GRATEFUL!  LOVE every single Simplicity Juice I have had so far—this stuff is magic in a bottle. 

Beth!! Seriously...you are incredible! I can feel your genuine positivity!! Thank you so much for your awesome encouragement to be a better me!! We look forward to today! Just thank you SOOOOO much! I got your e mail and giggled the whole way through!! ❤️?

The juices are delicious and so refreshing!! There isn't one that I don't like!

Delish! Thanks for the refreshing samples yesterday. I'm a convert! - Julia Reich

 Simplicity Holistic Health provides juices and foods that not only taste good but make you feel incredible. I HIGHLY would recommend you just giving them a try. Your body will thank you. - Lisa

I mean who knew?!! You did! Thank goodness!! The untuna is insane...like holy moly! They all are!!  This Simplicity Juices are like Manna from the GODS!!!!!!!  

Beth??!! You have no idea what a DAY-MAKER you are!! 
I mean seriously!! You're changing my life! Sniff!!❤  SIMPLICITY RULES!!!

 Love Simplicity Holistic Health! Juices are amazing, extremely tasty and oh yeah - they are good for you!! In addition to Juices, Un-tuna, Betty Bars, Mushroom pizza, Chips and Pate are just a few of my favorites. I can't wait to try more offerings! 

Thank you Beth for all of your fantastic food, nutrition/life wisdom and amazing service!  

 Totally changes the way you look at food. You feel and look amazing! This will change your life.

Beth and crew at Simplicity Holistic Health are simply fantastic... Life changers! Love the fabulous food and juices, supplements, treatments and priceless advice! Feeling groovy :)

 I've never had better juices or food! The attention they give you makes you feel like you can do anything! I LOVE it! I can't get enough! - Jill Burnett

 Delicious AND healthy - best of both worlds. The Betty Bar is one of the best bars I've tasted... so wholesome and nutritious. Great for professionals "on the go." -

 Simplicity is all of that and bag of raw granola. For Cereal. :-) The recipes are awesome. Seriously, if you want some treats, try the onion chips, Betty's Bars, cinnamon rolls...and yeah the granola. - Jason

 Dragonfly has a wait list for watermelon mama :)

 I absolutely love the juices from this place!!! Not only am I losing weight but I feel better and have more energy than ever. Thank you Simplicity crew!!!! - Margaret

 Soup!!! Oh deary me!! THE most delicious sing of joy!! My belly and noggin are SO damn happy!!!

 "Simplicity juices make my heart happy"

 Thank you for everything this week! I am still in a bit of shock that I actually did that!

Wish you could suck my love handles, muffin top and upper arms through that tube. Really bummed out thinking of all the changes I need to make in eating habits. Making today and just want to stick my face in that bread!

I will instead have The Wheatini!!

 "These Betty bars are so good! That's some healthy food that I can eat!"

 Eric said how beneficial he thought the juices were. He said he thought "the red drink" was the only thing that really kept Eron rehydrated. And that Eron agreed!!  Recovery was easier than ever before –

Can we get Simplicity by the gallon?

NCAA Championship game- sent from a client with caption:

Drink of Champions!!! 
Go Badgers!!!!! 
*** you gotta know there's vodka in it****Lost the game but won with Simplicity!

Another Picture sent from the Championship game –We won and Simplicity was part of the ACTION!  (Simplicity Fat Burner was taken to the Final Four Basketball game)

I can see what you are saying- what he is putting in his body could be more important than what he puts on his feet!  The juices have made a noticeable difference after such a short time.

Loved seeing U2! Eron gets back in town on Tuesday and Eric said he would love some drinks:)

Good morning!!! I talked to Eric last night and he said he would love some of those hydration drinks! But he also said he wants you and EJ to meet when he gets in town!  Whatever you do – keep bringing that noise – those drinks are a difference maker for our performance and recovery!!

 I am so glad I came to Simplicity - I really feel it helped me with getting all the Chemo and all the medications that I have been on for a year - out of my system - all that medication has been brutal to my system and now I feel very refreshed from taking the month and resetting me in every way. I have more energy when I leave after a session and I feel lighter (ok - yes- thinner!!) I love the juices - I think they taste good, fill me up and I know I am getting the nutrients I need to get back on track.

Thanks for all the yummy juices! I buy them at Safeway!!!  Love it!

Good morning! So excited to get my juices! 

OMG - u r the best!! They r delicious—most redonk things I have ever ingested!!

Loved seeing U2! Eron gets back in town on Tuesday and Eric said he would love some drinks:)

Good morning!!! I talked to Eric last night and he said he would love some of those hydration drinks! But he also said he wants you and EJ to meet when he gets in town!

Beth cleaned out and organized my refrigerator and food pantry. We used a lot of helfty bags and I learned a lot and laughed a lot. And I finally feel like I am on the right track. – and the laugh track – thanks for lightening up my load in more ways than one!!  Ha ha

They (Simplicity Juices) are the BEST!

BEST showing at Orchard in Bloom – We loved having Simplicity juices and foods at Orchard in Bloom.  Everyone seemed to gravitate to your positive energy.  Thank you for making a difference in our community.

I know this isn't all about weight loss but it's part of it...I'm down four pounds and Johnny- five.

Yay! Week one, check! Thank you for all of your help this first week, I know I was the question queen. Vitamix and rebounder arrive today! LOVE ME MY SIMPILCITY JUICES!

 Life elixir was yummy! 

So excited to get my juices!

Hello! I love the life elixir!!!  Love the banana bread and apple butter too!

I love all my juices last week, thank you thank you!

 I love when Beth 'cooks' for me. Her food is amazing to taste and feels nourishing all the way down. I always want to eat that way. It instantly makes me feel good and more positive. I am not at my weigh goal yet but I am getting there. Juice me baby!

Beth's love and dedication to me as a person has inspired me to a new level of self-love that I didn't know was possible.  I feel the love in every last sip!

So I just got a thank you  note from my dear friend Ardith (95) for the SHH goodies I gave her for Xmas. She explained that her family left and she treated herself to a spa day starting w the dry brush, then shampoo(she said best she's ever used) and a soak in the salts followed by the coconut oil. She said she hadn't felt so alive and still relaxed in years!! She went on and on about how invigorated she felt and how her skin was finally comfortable not dry and itchy!!! She said in her 95 years on this planet – she has never tasted anything as devine as the Wheatini!  (now THAT is saying something!) My sister is in love w it all too!! Just passing on encouragement and high praise! Happy New  Year!!!

 BTW- I can’t wait to start to order juices on line?

OMG- yeah yeah yeah!  OMG- yeah yeah yeah!
Some of the shit, I am sure ALL of the shit is good- I want to try every single one.  Your juices are the best juices I have ever had…..and I have had a lot!!  Guzzel Guzzel Guzzel.

Truly feel blessed to have crossed paths with you and your staff. Your space is tranquil, calming and so full of love and laughter! I feel like I have known you forever. I am so amazed at how much better I feel since I have been coming to SHH. I have this sense of balance and clarity that I have not felt in a long time. My energy level has increased and also my awareness of making better choices when nourishing my body. I look forward to continuing this journey with you and your staff! Much love and admiration.

 PJ loved the PINK hydration nation drink

I LOVE the Simplicity juices and food -and then shared with the family - and EVERYONE loved it --- I never knew raw could taste so good!!!

There are NO words for this picture- there is only love – and only through Simplicity am I able to take this photo…Gracie born 2013

LOVE the juices & food – my kids LOVE the juices & food

With Beth's wonderful guidance, knowledge, and kindness, I am a more confident, healthy, and alive person than only 3 weeks ago. I had a difficult first year in college, gaining at least 30 pounds my freshman year. I was emotionally and physically unhealthy. Rather than treating my body as a temple, I consumed the junkiest carbohydrates and sugar I could find. My cravings seemed uncontrollable. This summer I came home to find that the food I had been eating had created Candida, a mold that was attacking my body. I was determined to heal my body from the inside out. Although I was extremely nervous about getting colon hydrotherapy, the moment I walked into Simplicity, Beth and the beautiful atmosphere made me feel comfortable and relaxed. It was insane how much my colon had suffered from the food I had eaten in the past year. After each session, I went home feeling more and more alive and energized. Beth provided me with healthy and live foods that were simply delicious. My cravings were eliminated and the nutrient dense foods were filling, satisfying me. In the 3 weeks that I worked with Beth, I have lost a significant amount of weight. I now feel ready to conquer my second year of college and the rest of my life! Beth healed me both physically and emotionally with her love and wisdom. Thank You Beth and Simplicity! "

Beth and crew at Simplicity Holistic Health are simply fantastic... Life changers! Love the fabulous food and juices, supplements, treatments and priceless advice! Feeling groovy :)

I love the full approach of inside out as well as the guidance and personalization to make better lifestyle choices.  Thank you Simplicity.

I absolutely love the juices from Simplicity!!! Not only am I losing weight but I feel better and have more energy than ever. Thank you Simplicity crew!!!!

You will never know how much you have helped me the last 24 hours. Thank you so much~~I am blessed to know you!

Beth – I don’t know what you said – or what you did – but Sue just texted me after her visit and said she loved it and already told 3 friends to go to you!  Boy – if you can get THAT girl to do this – the world is ready for Simplicity—cuz she is one tough nut!  How did you do that!  Way to go!! And my whole family thanks you!

Laura cannot stop saying how much she loves you, how much she loves the juices and how much she loves her clean colon. WOW.

Is birthday cake considered "raw food"  I am laughing so hard right now!!  But this is what PINK tastes like to me! LOVE IT!!

She was so proud of herself:)

Hi lady
Just got 4 yummy juices at CityCenter.  Also happy to see them at Dailey Method!

Simplicity juice was BIG hit!!  One healthy happier soul at a time!

 You deserve 10,000 gift baskets,  1 million dollars ,and a truckload of hugs.  I know it's early but I feel good about this.Thank you for all the support and guidance you have given Renee. We are trying not to get too excited, but it's the most exciting thing ever. Thank you Beth.  You have helped her in the most important way one can help someone else.  She'll keep you posted but I just wanted to tell you how amazing and special I think you are. Thank you.

 Girlfriend I need your services badly~  Need to reset my system in a major way!

Drinking my green juice...

Is ur kitchen open? I need a green drink! And SIMPLICITY is THE BEST – everything else is for shit in this town!!

Just gave Ilene her juices, she tried the orange and loves it!!!

I just had my first orange bliss, delish!

I am so right on this, I know I will finally see results after all those crazy diets I’ve tried--- this is something I can actually live!!!

I miss my juices and food! I want to do that raw/live cleanse!

Hey, I'm doing speaker letters for Mickey’s Camp and need to know how you want your room set up? Your class is very popular~ and booked up immediately.   It is the only classes that are sold out.

LOVED the class – when is the next one- I have made several of the recipes for my family and they loved them.

UpBeet! Yay! OH MY GOD!!!  

 OK, I have a ton of girls who want to do your juicing class with me. Think they want to learn to juice and make healthy drinks.

YUMMY in my tummy! I loved everything! So good! Thank you for all you do!

 Beth Beth Beth – your class was AMAZING – I laughed – I cried – I was touched beyond what you can imagine – I have really been waiting and wanting the right thing to come along in my life to get me going in the right direction – Simplicity is it – you are it – thank you for being so compassionate – funny and making me feel ok about me.  I value your words and inspiration so.  

I HEART SIMPLICITY juice everyday- Thank you Beth Smith!

"The food for my cleanse was delicious! Beth definitely has some serious talent."

 Just bought the last Betty Bar from CC


Delicious AND healthy – best of both worlds.  I love Simplicity.

The Betty Bar is one of the best bars I've tasted...

so wholesome and nutritious.

Great for professionals "on the go."

I've never had better juices or food! The attention they give you makes you feel like you can do anything!

I LOVE it!

I can't get enough!

Totally changes the way you look at food. You feel and look amazing! Simplicity will change your life- it’s changed mine.

 POSITIVE!!!!I took a test on Sunday and one this morning.Both positive! I have you and my sister to thank for this and I feel that you are the one that helped me get pregnant,not the doctors.I value your advice on this so let me know whenever you get a minute.Thanks and YAY!!!!!

I feel like I can finally breathe deep- and take in the amazing nourishment of these colorful beauty bombs!!! WOW

My body feels better, my mind clearer and my heart happier- love me some Life Elixir.

 I feel more like me again--- yet a younger, prettier version!!!  J

 That betty bar is legit!- NFL player

 Thank you for the liquid happiness Simplicity.

 My skin has never looked better- I was so dehydrated before- loved it!

 "she loved it and feels fantastic and there was to "much" food, it didn't even feel like a cleanse"!