A journey of health and healing that leads to SIMPLICITY.

Simplicity Kitchen

1101 E 54th Street, Ste E
Indianapolis, IN  46220

317-829-0100  |   866-601-0100

(next to Pastry Galleria and across from Mass Ave Toys)


Pick up your cleanses Monday afternoons –and if you want to pick up a cleanse on another day –please email Molly@simplicityhh.com – she will arrange it or arrange for delivery to your work or home.

Lori Wheeler, Director of Sales & Sampling |  317-250-7808  | lori@simplicityhh.com

Molly Moore, Operations Manager  |  317-650-0267  |   molly@simplicityhh.com 

Rachael Porter, Client Services Manager |  620-687-2432 | rachael@simplicityhh.com 

Heather Shepard, Bookkeeping  |  317-829-0100  |  accounting@simplicityhh.com 

Beth Smith, Founder  |  317-450-7336  |  beth@simplicityhh.com

Thank you so much for reaching out to us- we appreciate your support and business. Cheers!










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